Life Skills Coach


Dirk is focused on providing tools to aid all persons in their ability to compete at their highest possible level. This can be on a football field, in the workplace, or in virtually any area of life. People sometimes get stuck in a cycle of behavior that can impede them from their ability to continue on a healthy path of personal growth. Dirk’s philosophy stresses the importance of teaching professionals how to be completely present in their own life experiences. Focusing on individual or a team’s intentions is a key factor in reaching goals and exceeding expectations.

Whether you are competing in a sales organization or as a top athlete you must work and play without fear. Finding a balanced approach to addressing problem solving, impulse control and competing without fear are just a few areas of focus where Dirk has helped people rise up and capture the most from each day.

Dirk has an ability to meet people where they are in their life’s journey and teaches them how to compete at their highest level each day. While focusing on respect for the individual rather than judgment or condemnation, Dirk provides foundational support for living a healthy and well balanced life. Grasping the importance of family of origin issues and how this effects individual behavior patterns is paramount in motivating individuals. Active listening is a major factor in understanding how to coach individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Dirk firmly believes that “self discovery is a process not an event. As soon as we stop learning we are no longer living.”  He regularly runs group and individual workshops on the Disease Model of Addiction. Understanding the obsession of the mind is his passion. Whether the obsession is chemical dependency, gambling, food, sex, work or isolation from life itself, he helps unlock the keys to gratitude, honesty and humility. One of the major keys to competing without fear is to find a spiritual foundation. Quieting your mind can be one way to bring new clarity, light and peace into life.