About Us

contact me:Info@surrender-interventions.comBorn and raised in California with wonderful parents and a loving sister, Dirk Eldredge grew up in a healthy environment with great memories. Dirk’s addictions were first born while attending USC and expanded during his professional career in the commercial printing industry. After several hospitalizations brought about by the progressive nature of his disease, Dirk finally got the help he needed at Creative Care – a dual-diagnosis treatment center.

Through the journey of recovery he focused on obtaining his degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling from Loyola Marymount University. He then developed his craft training with one of the pioneers of intervention, Ed Storti.

BJ Hickman, though not a recovering addict herself, has spent most of her adult life counseling families and young people who have been affected by addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, and family dysfunction. Certified as an Addictions Specialist and married for over 30 years to a recovering addict/alcoholic gives her a unique perspective and compassion for the disease and those who suffer from it, as well as a genuine empathy for their family members and other loved ones.

contact me:Info@surrender-interventions.comAt Surrender, Dirk and BJ begin by presenting the gift of treatment through a motivational process, coupling it with a systemic component involving everyone in the family. Each family member has changes to consider, not just the identified patient.

Dirk and BJ are passionate about the process of intervention and feel their life journeys have equipped them to stay focused, respectful, and calm while parachuting into the insanity and chaos that surrounds the addict in need of intervention.

Dirk and BJ’s primary message is to never lose hope. The possibility of recovery from chemical dependency is real for everyone through intervention. Acceptance, humility, and honesty must be born through this process, and with it comes the possibility for a healthy change.